Greg Horner | 1-to-1 Healing
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1-to-1 Healing

1-to-1 Healing

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Whatever challenges and opportunities you may be facing, perhaps regarding your spiritual unfoldment, issues with relationships, realising your life’s purpose and expression, your mental or emotional well-being, work, or psychic disturbance. Whatever it may be, I would welcome the opportunity to help you to heal old wounds, inspire and empower yourself and transform those challenges as you deepen into the realisation of your true nature – to be joyful and at peace, whatever the circumstances of life.


I would help to facilitate this by working shamanically, intuitively, and by offering guidance on practices to assist your empowerment and spiritual awakening.


Each session costs £60, is via Zoom or Skype, and lasts for 90 minutes. However, If you are receiving benefits, there is no set charge – donations are at your discretion.


“Our sessions have been life changing. You have helped me on a path to finding my inner power. When life felt very dark you helped me look for and find the light, time after time. I couldn’t have got through the past year without your help. You never give me the answers, frustratingly! But that’s a good thing, instead you help me find the answers myself, which gives me a sense of control and confidence. You are a very gifted shamanic healer and counsellor. I’m eternally grateful to your continued guidance and support.” AC


“Working with Greg is a spiritual adventure. Wholehearted and true. Inspirationally calm, his listening skills are cross-dimensional, making the journey to one’s truth a supported one” SLS


“Greg is a truly phenomenal shamanic practitioner, intuitive healer and teacher. During our one-to-one sessions l have always felt safe in the space Greg holds, in which he is always present and really listens. He has an amazing ability to move through energetic layers, see beyond, and access the other dimensions to bring back whatever is needed at that moment for healing. 

I find it fascinating how Greg can find connections and then translate what has presented itself within my session, piecing everything together like a jigsaw puzzle so l can then understand myself more. I feel so much gratitude for the stillness, peace and reconnection to my own heart that l have received through my sessions with Greg”. RD 


“… I can see the positive changes and awareness increase in my day to day, moment by moment life. Greg’s solid manner, calmness and friendly nature provides an authentic experience which allows the sessions to flow. Greg is very perceptive at homing in on what’s important in regard to key themes, blocks, patterns, and any other areas that may require healing. Throughout the session Greg passes on great wisdom and insights which I find beneficial for my growth, and the shamanic healing is a powerful and enlightening experience that feels truly liberating”.  LG


“I’ve been doing work with Greg for some time now. When we first started, I was extremely stressed and having disturbing experiences that I thought would never end. We did some work on closing those of a psychic nature which resulted in most voices and images stopping. This was a great relief as I was struggling to function. We also did some journey work which offered insight and clarity on issues I had struggled with for a long time, and it helped with letting go. We also worked on psychic protection and grounding which has helped me stay stable and have a deeper connection to self. Greg’s caring nature put me at ease, he answered my questions with insight and wisdom and has always been accurate when going through the journeys. We have worked at a deep level and although it’s not counselling, I have found he offers wonderful counsel on life’s issues. Also, I don’t feel judged so I can begin to look at more painful material and the feelings surrounding these are starting to ease. It’s helped me to take some major steps and I have now gone back to studying, which I didn’t think I would be capable of doing before the work.”   KW


For further information, or to book an appointment, please email