Greg Horner | 1-to-1 Shamanic Training
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1-to-1 Shamanic Training

1-to-1 Online Introductory Shamanic Healing Course 


 Shamanic 9


Shamanism is the oldest spiritual tradition in the world and is based on our personal experience of The Great Mystery. Through shamanic practice we consciously connect with the deeper, hidden worlds in order to bring about healing and transformation that is empowering for ourselves and others.


During this introductory online course of three, one-to-one, two-hour sessions, you will journey to (and explore) the shamanic worlds: You will make contact and begin to deepen your relationship with your power animal and other world guides; journey to the lower and upper worlds for healing and guidance; experience energy and the web of life (which connects all things); honour and connect with the six directions; and learn how to cleanse and become the ‘hollow bone’, so that guidance and healing energy flow freely through you.


Each two-hour session (on Zoom or Skype) costs £80, you are free to complete the course in your own time, and there is no obligation to continue after the first session if you feel that it isn’t for you.


“I have loved my Shamanism training with Greg. He is very easy to work with, puts you at ease with his calming presence, and is very patient and compassionate. He has a wonderful way of teaching that really suits me. It’s great to be able to connect via zoom and learn from the comfort of my own home. I have found such healing from this work and am always amazed by how much I get from journeying. It has helped me in all aspects of my life and I am very grateful. Thank you Greg.” AC 


I have recently begun my Shamanic journey through life and was put onto Greg by a friend. As with a lot of things over the last year with Covid the course would be done via zoom. To be honest I was a little skeptical at first as to whether I would be able to have that one to one connection you get when doing courses face to face. I needn’t have worried as from the start Greg’s calming and professional manner put those worries to rest. I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone who is interested in starting their shamanic journey to take this online course and I am looking forward to continuing my journey with Greg.” JD


I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions and got a lot out of them. Greg is brilliant, so patient and understanding and I’m looking forward to doing more with him. I would definitely recommend him and his sessions.” LG


“Greg offered a safe space to explore the concepts associated with Shamanic practice followed by insightful guidance to enable Shamanic journeying. I met my power animal, spirit guides, and then to my surprise my second power animal and travelled to lower, upper and middle worlds, culminating in journeying for another person. In my 9 to 5, I work with evidenced based psychological practice and it definitely adds another dimension to healing. Thanks for your compassion, patience and wisdom Greg” JF


If you would like to book your first session or require further information, please email Greg on