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Say Farewell to Fear,

anxiety, stress, and worry.


Eagle 3.


Welcome peace and happiness

into your life.


Not the welcoming of new arrivals but the realisation that these qualities are always within you, aspects of your true nature. A nature that is free of dependence upon circumstances for your enjoyment of life. Free of the pains and struggles of the past, as you awaken to each moment anew. Free of the belief in the need to improve or attain. Free of fate in the awareness of destiny.


Fear is an extraordinary biological response that protects us from danger. A natural aspect of being human that has, however, been distorted to become a burden that many of us experience on a daily basis as anxiety, stress, worry, or panic. A distortion that is also the foundation of other disturbing and distressing reactions to everyday situations. Which greatly diminishes our enjoyment of life, as they adversely affect our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


We do not have to live this way!


With self-awareness, understanding, and loving kindness, we let go of the burdens of the past that cause this suffering, and awaken to the bliss of the present; at peace within ourselves, whatever circumstances we face in life.


Join Greg & Julie on this transformational 10-day course (one Friday a month).


Where you will be given the guidance and tools to:


Understand the difference between the body’s natural, lifesaving fear response and the cause of unnecessary worries, anxieties, stresses, and fears in daily life.  


Realise that fear, anxiety, stress and worry are not who we are and that your true nature is at peace, always.


Let go of the pains of the past that are causing your struggles of today and awaken to the innate happiness of the present moment.


Become free of the conditioning and influence of others – from childhood to the present day.


Learn empowering and practical mindfulness and meditation practices.


Consciously work with energy through chi kung and body-centred healing.


Open to the beauty and wonder of yourself and of the world around you.


Experience the power of the acceptance of what is.


Allow loving kindness for yourself and others in daily life.


Deepen into the healing power of nature.


Welcome and embrace the inevitability of change.


Transform disturbing emotions into stillness and peace.


Enjoy loving relationships that are free of fear.


Unite mind and body to realise the joy of your being.


Cost: £750 paid in advance

or ten instalments of £85 by monthly direct debit


10% off if you have previously completed a course or retreat with us

10% off each if you bring a friend

20% if you are receiving benefits

(The maximum discount is 20% per person)


Venue: University of Cumbria, Lancaster campus (M6, junction 33).


Dates (to be confirmed): 2024: 12th January, 9th February, 1st March, 22nd March, 12th April, 10th May, 7th June,

5th July, 2nd August, 6th September.

Time: 10am – 4.30pm each day.


To reserve your place, please send your name, email address, and a deposit of £150 to 20 Coach Road, Warton, Carnforth, LA5 9PR. Cheques made payable to Dragonfly Healing Ltd, or email for bank details to transfer funds to Tel: 07564 525 150




The Joy of Being


  Dancing under tree 2


A 2-year transformational journey of holistic healing with Greg & Julie


This course has now started 


Consciously realise the joy of your inner being and learn to facilitate that process in others.

Suitable for both therapists and those seeking personal healing and transformation.


Our true nature is joyful, happy, loving, and free – our opportunity is to let go of the conditioning and beliefs that obscure this reality and to consciously realise the wonder of who we truly are.


This is a course of healing holistically; to consciously realise the unity of the whole by becoming free of our perception of separation. It is a journey of awareness: of dissolving illusion and falling freely into truth; of being liberated from unconscious influence, free of the past and open to the totality and inner peace of the present. Of leaving no stone unturned……


During the first year we will open to the joy of being by:


Moving into the light learning the tai chi short form and 18 moves chi kung

Transforming fear into freedom the empowerment of facing our fears

Mystical realities the healing power of the ‘hidden’ realms through shamanism

Being in the doing (inwardly silent and still) mindfulness and sitting meditation

Healthy lifestyle – mental, emotional, and physical balance

For love of the Mother deepening our connection with nature

The power of presence the totality of now

Letting go the joy of the fall

Accepting surrender the wonder of being in the body

Loving compassion realising the destiny of heart and soul

Freedom from inner conflict the harmonising of yin yang

Clear seeing – from egoic projections to soul clarity

Living without boundaries balancing the subtleties of the auric energy bodies

Liberation through limitation freedom from desire


The second year will be a deepening and incorporation of your journey with your own work as a therapist (if applicable), or the continuation of your personal unfoldment towards inner radiance. This will include:


Fully qualified short-form tai chi teacher and chi kung energy facilitator

 Competency in introducing and guiding clients in their own shamanic healing

Basic counselling skills

The power of true listening

Supporting and guiding clients through the challenges of transformation

Meditation facilitator

Deepen and expand your existing therapeutic practice

Incorporating your journey of healing into your life and work


Places are limited, so please book early if you would like to join us.

The course will run over 9 weekends each year.


Cost: £1350 per year (reduced to £1200 if paid in full by 30th August).

Or three instalments of £450 to be paid by 30th August, 30th November and 31st March.

There is a 10% discount from the above if you have previously completed a course of at least 10 days with us.


Venue: Over Kellet Village Hall, Nether Kellet Road, Over Kellet, LA61DR. (Just off junction 35 of the M6)


Dates for year 1 2022/23 (year 2 to follow)

Weekend 1: 10/11 September

Weekend 2: 15/16 October

Weekend 3: 26/27 November

Weekend 4: 7/8 January

Weekend 5: 4/5 February

Weekend 6: 11/12 March

Weekend 7: 22/23 April

Weekend 8: 20/21 May

Weekend 9: 10/11 June

Time: 10am – 4.30pm each day.

(Any weekends affected by covid restrictions will be rescheduled).


To reserve your place, please send your name, email address, and a deposit of £100 (refunded or rolled over in the event of Covid restrictions) to 20 Coach Road, Warton, Carnforth, LA5 9PR. Cheques made payable to Dragonfly Healing Ltd, or email for bank details. Tel: 01524 951 683